Uvita, Costa Rica. Is waiting for you!

Welcome to one of costaricas best hidden secret, Uvita de Osa, Costa Rica.

We offer tours with in the Marino Ballena National Park and its adjacent areas. We offer marine and terrestrial tours, mountain bike tours, kayak tours, and boat tours

We are known in the area for being one of the top tour operators, thanks to our safety record and our customer satisfaction ratings. Uvita will offer tourists an eassy acces from all regions of Costa Rica, good roads, reliable public transportation, and private shuttles.

In Uvita you will find banks, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and great shopping.

Mountain Bike Tours

We bike everywhere, and you are welcome to join us. Our second eco friendly tour! When you ride trough a bamboo forest to get to a waterfall you’ll see why we enjoy our jobs so much. We have all skill levels, you need just very minimal fiscal condition. We have many trails in Uvita that take you into the jungle then to the beach then to a river…. Just to make a long story short this is an excellent way of exploring a beautiful area with very knowledgeable guides and with out any worries. Click to see all our tours from beginners one day tour to advanced 15 day mountain biking adventures. Read more

Kayak Tours

This is one of our two ecofriendly tours! We have a very small impact on our environment on these tours not to mention how good you will feel when you take a dip off your kayak and go snorkel. When we take you kayaking we will show you some of the most beautiful attractions to be seen in Uvita. You do not need to be in top shape for this tour since kayking in Uvita is so very easy due to its calm beaches. Choose from different locations to explore here the full selection. Read more

Boat Tours

Boat Tours We would like to share with you the beauty of our rich marine national park. When you visit our marine park which is mostly marine area you will be able to observe some of the most beautiful scenery of the mountain behind uvita, rocky islands, and lots of wildlife. When it comes to finding the enormous humpback whale we turn to our two captains and their guides that work as a team to find the whale for you. Our boat tours are various and you can see the selection here. Read more