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Amongst the Uvita Mountains there are several overlooks, all of which are amazing. However, the one below (picture) is particularly spectacular.  There is no doubt about the difficulty in reaching the ridge of the mountains, since its about 10km of really harsh roads and vertical assent leading up to it.  Most experienced cyclists will have a difficult time getting here, and most recreation cyclists will have to walk a bike for the really inclined hills. The difficulty in reaching the top of the mountain is surpassed by the beauty in scenery a MTB cyclist will encounter along the way, including a breath-taking, fresh-water waterfall.  The undeveloped, unpopulated and narrow roads wind through the untouched jungle full of wildlife, founa and foliage.  It is a tranquil, solitary journey for the cyclist on this road through the jungle! Where does the road end? That is the special factor of this road. It leads about 20km south of the city of San Isidro, and it is the quickest way to get to San Rafael de Perez Zeledon. This was the only way to reach Uvita only about 25 years ago. This is the path many pioneers of Uvita took to reach this beautiful paradise. Traveling back in time with a bicycle is possible now here in Uvita!

Ride Uvita!