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Whales tail (national Park Marino Ballena)

July is a great month for whale watching, snorkeling, kayaking, and mountain biking(MTB.) It Happens to be rainy a couple days a week but mostly in the afternoons. This means that for those of us looking to get out in the ocean & mountain and enjoy some kayak and mountain biking early mornings! We were very fortunate to have with us Esteban & Gloria from Spain and Rene & Karin who were bicycle touring all over Costa Rica. We had the snorkel spot to ourselves and the Punta Uvita beach (National Park Marino Ballena) as well. Snorkel was top notch and the beach perfect for some surfing with the kayak. We went into the mangrove and we had a chance to see a kingfisher and also the beautiful roots of the caballero mangrove. Today i had some time in the morning to go for a bike ride (MTB) and enjoy a bit of the tropical paradise that is Uvita. Biked up a local hill that is pretty narrow and no traffic. I was riding the Surly troll fully rigid great for going up those hills and practicing the down hills. Rode through Colonia and then to the Uvita beach entrance. I was Greeted by the our local friendly park ranger, and a poster reminding all to keep our beach clean. These two days reminding us that our national park is unique and that protecting our beautiful forest is an obligation to us tour operators.

Ride Uvita!