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We will be kayaking and mountain biking in Uvita January!!! Guest are welcome. snorkel is great!!! lots of toucans on the mountain bike.

Ocean kayak at Uvita beach and snorkel from the kayak at punta Uvita. This is lots of fun with guest of little or lots of experience on kayak. It goes with out saying that its a lot of fun the tour, kayak and surf drives the adrenaline.  When at snorkel enjoy lots of colorful fish and the history of the punta uvita beach. visit the mangroves and see the kingfishers that live there.

Mountain biking in Uvita, bamboo forest ride. We will ride at 4pm and enjoy the sun coming down and the colder mountain breze coming from the mountains and meeting us at the waterfall. the waterfall is lots of fun you can swim or put you head under the fall and enjoy the cool water. mountain biking for begginers and people that would like to see a beautiful secluded place with a local guide.