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Welcome to our little site about kayaking tours in Uvita, Costa Rica. Today we bring you some fun video and pics of our most recent tour. We had a blast going snorkeling, surfing and exploring the mangrove. We start the day about an hour past the low tide, so for snorkel conditions we were not expecting to see lots. When we arrive it was actually getting to be quite sunny so we saw some fish and corral reef. It was great getting in the water too our guest enjoyed it very much. We arrive at the whales tail and have some fruit. After our fruit and reloading on some sun block we kayaked north a bit to see if we could find a turtle. Unfortunately only one of our team members saw it. We searched for others with no luck. Ocean was average not too calm but still easy to kayak through. crossing the whales tail from north to south still awaited us. Well let me just say this was our guest highlight of our adventure, going from one breaking wave into another coming your direction i lots of fun. I guess they also liked that myself (Victor) flipped the kayak more that once. It was fun!!! I flipped about 3 times and since i had my flippers and safety box kinda loose on the kayak, every time i flipped it looked like a crash of some sort. Often we say we are very lucky in Uvita for such easy going ocean and cool spots to surf with our kayaks.

Come check it out!!!

Victor Hugo