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The waves at Uvita beach!!!

Welcome to our little site about kayaking tours in Uvita, Costa Rica. Today we bring you some fun video and pics of our most recent tour. We had a blast going snorkeling, surfing and exploring the mangrove. We start the day about an hour past the low tide, so for snorkel conditions we were not expecting […]

kayak for families

Fun for the whole family with the best kayak tour company on the pacific coast of Costa Rica. We will take you and your little ones kayaking in Uvita, mangrove and ocean. We take he mangroves south of Uvita, the Terraba Sierpe mangrove the largest one in Costa Rica. In Uvita we have the Uvita […]

kayak/ mountain bike one day combo

We will be kayaking and mountain biking in Uvita January!!! Guest are welcome. snorkel is great!!! lots of toucans on the mountain bike. Ocean kayak at Uvita beach and snorkel from the kayak at punta Uvita. This is lots of fun with guest of little or lots of experience on kayak. It goes with out […]

uvita snorkel and mangrove

uvita snorkel and mangrove

Lets go kayaking! We love the area and we enjoy showing you our national parks beauties. We take you to the beach from where our experienced guide explais to you our safety guidelines, we pride ourselves on our outstanding safety record…

whales tail (national Park Marino Ballena)

whales tail (national Park Marino Ballena)

July is a great month for whale watching, snorkeling, kayaking, and mountain biking(MTB.) It Happens to be rainy a couple days a week but mostly in the afternoons. This means that for those of us looking to get out in the ocean & mountain and enjoy some kayak and mountain biking early mornings! We were very […]

Ride the ridge (MTB)

Amongst the Uvita Mountains there are several overlooks, all of which are amazing. However, the one below (picture) is particularly spectacular.  There is no doubt about the difficulty in reaching the ridge of the mountains, since its about 10km of really harsh roads and vertical assent leading up to it.  Most experienced cyclists will have […]